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Sepcial Promotion

Conference Chairman

Professor Mitchell M. Tseng, CIRP Fellow

Dean, International School of Technology and Management, Feng Chia University


Honorary Chairs

Prof. Bing-Jean Lee, President, Feng Chia University

Prof. Jin-Huang Huang, Vice President, Feng Chia University


Program Chairs

Prof. Yi-Chi Wang, Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, Feng Chia University

Prof. Shih-Hung Yang, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, Feng Chia University


Organizing Committee

Prof. Ping-Hei Chen, Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University

Prof. Kuo-Ning Chiang, Chair Professor, National Tsing Hua University

Prof. Jyh-Horng Chou, Professor, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Hong Hocheng, President, National Tsing Hua University

Prof. Yeau-Ren Jeng, Chair Professor, National Chung Cheng University

Prof. Wen-Yuh Jywe, President, National Formosa University

Prof. Tei-Wei Kuo, Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University

Prof. Chang-Huan Liu, Professor, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Prof. Fuh-Sheng Shieu, President, National Chung Hsing University

Prof. Hung-Yin Tsai, Distinguished Professor, National Tsing Hua University

Dr. Shing-Yuan Tsai, Chairman, Intellectual Property Innovation Corporation

Prof. Chung-Biau Tsay, Chair Professor, Feng Chia University

Prof. Mao-Jiun Wang, President, Tunghai University

Prof. Mei-Fang Wu, Program Director, Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, Feng Chia University


International Scientific Committee

Prof. Abele, E. (Germany)

Prof. Kuo, T. W. (Taiwan)

Prof. Battaia, O. (France) Prof. Lanza, G. (Germany)

Prof. Bernard, A. (France)

Prof. Laperrière, L. (Canada)

Prof. Bley, H. (Germany)

Prof. Lee, B. J. (Taiwan)

Prof. Bouzakis, K.D. (Greece)

Prof. Lin, F. (Canada)

Prof. Butala, P. (Slovenia)

Prof. Ma, Q. (China)

Prof. Chen, P. H. (Taiwan)

Prof. Majstorovic, V. (Serbia)

Prof. Chen, S. (Singapore)

Prof. Mathieu, L. (France)

Prof. Chiang, K. N. (Taiwan)

Prof. Meier, H. (Germany)

Prof. Chou, J. H. (Taiwan)

Prof. Monostori, L. (Hungary)

Prof. Chryssolouris, G. (Greece)

Prof. Mourtzis, D. (Greece)

Prof. Cunha, P. (Portugal)

Prof. Nee, A. (Singapore)

Prof. Dai, H. (China)

Prof. Newman, S. (UK)

Prof. Denkena, B. (Germany)

Prof. Nishino, N. (Japan)

Prof. Dini, G. (Italy)

Prof. Nyhuis, P. (Germany)

Prof. Duffie, N. (USA)

Prof. Putz, M. (Germany)

Prof. Dumur, D. (France)

Dr. Radke, A. (Singapore)

Prof. ElMaraghy, H. (Canada)

Prof. Roy, R. (UK)

Prof. ElMaraghy, W. (Canada)

Prof. Santochi, M. (Italy)

Prof. Groche, D.P. (Germany)

Prof. Schmitt, R. (Germany)

Prof. Hocheng, H. (Taiwan)

Prof. Schönsleben, P. (Switzerland)

Prof. Hu, S. J. (USA)

Prof. Seliger, G. (Germany)

Prof. Huang, J. H. (Taiwan)

Prof. Shieu, F. S. (Taiwan)

Prof. Jeng, Y. R. (Taiwan)

Prof. Takata, S. (Japan)

Prof. Jeswiet, J. (Canada)

Prof. Tekkaya, A. E. (Germany)

Prof. Liu, C. H. (Taiwan)

Prof. Teti, R. (Italy)

Prof. Jiao, R. (USA)

Prof. Tolio, T. (Italy)

Prof. Jovane, F. (Italy)

Prof. Tsai, H. Y. (Taiwan)

Prof. Jywe, W. Y. (Taiwan)

Dr. Tsai, S. Y. (Taiwan)

Prof. Kaihara, T. (Japan)

Prof. Tsay, C. B. (Taiwan)

Prof. Kjellberg, A. (Sweden)

Prof. van Houten, F. (Netherlands)

Prof. Kjellberg, T. (Sweden)

Prof. Vancza, J. (Hungary)

Prof. Klocke, F. (Germany)

Prof. Wang, L. (Sweden)

Prof. Kruth, J. (Belgium) Prof. Wang, Y. (Hong Kong)

Prof. Kumara S. (USA)

 Prof. Westkämper, E. (Germany)