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  • Index 01

Theme: Manufacturing Systems 4.0


  • Innovation and value creation
  • Challenges, visions and concepts for manufacturing systems of the future, Factories of the Future, Manufacturing 2030
  • “Industrie 4.0”: cyber-physical environment and infrastructure
  • Design and engineering of manufacturing systems
  • Event-driven production planning and control
  • Holistic production systems beyond conventional notions
  • Smart technologies for manufacturing, Smart Factories
  • Implementation of technical intelligence in manufacturing systems
  • Modeling and simulation of processes
  • Learning organization and management
  • Energy and material efficiency, green manufacturing
  • Local, regional and global networking
  • Factories with regional roots, regional infrastructure
  • Management/optimization of the product life cycle
  • Biology-inspired manufacturing systems
  • Emergent synthesis
  • Co-creative decision making
  • Value-oriented sustainable manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 showcase and example